Surfit is an online directory surf-store in South Africa. Many surf-based businesses are small businesses so they cannot afford full websites, which in this technological age, means they lack exposure when compared to other businesses. Surfit helps these businesses by selling them a page on the website which will display all their important details for only a fraction of the cost of a full website. Many surfers also battle to find surf-stores, accommodation and things to do when travelling in foreign towns so Surfit will also help make their lives easier. Surfers can just go online on their laptops or mobile phones and find the nearest store to them on Surfit. Surfers also find stores at no price so anyone in the country can view the stores at absolutely no cost.

 There are other methods like the yellow pages or travelling books but these methods take time and can be confusing at times. It would be a lot easier to simply Surfit which is free, fast and takes no space. The website platform which is used for Surfit is search engine optimised, which means surfers can easily find it when searching on sites like Google. Newspaper adverts are expensive and limit the target market to just local people. Newspaper adverts are also expensive and are often ignored, but Surfit is a cheaper, easier and faster alternative! Surfit can be viewed 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world!

 Statistics say that 88% of Google searchers click on one of the websites showed on the first page, which means that only 12% of searchers go past the first page. This shows how important it is to have a website which is well optimised. Surfit is well optimised and will be shown on the first page of Google, which means clients on Surfit are 88% more likely to be found than surf-stores that are shown beyond the first page.

 South African statistics say that 95% of products and services searches in South Africa are done online and 75% of those searches are done on Google. Statistics don't lie and they show the sales opportunities that can be found online.

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